If you own a beach house in South Jersey, there’s a good chance that you either have a deck installed already or you have looked into having one put in. As lovely as it will be to lounge outside and bask in the sun, you may want to consider how your deck can be affected by the elements. With so many different ways your deck can be exposed to heavy doses of moisture, you want to have a solid safeguard to prevent water damage from ruining your personal oasis.

As one of the leading waterproof deck flooring companies along the Jersey Shore, we know how critical it is to make sure you seal your deck so that you can avoid any potential damage. But when is the best time to waterproof your deck? A few factors determine when to address your deck’s waterproofing capabilities.

How Old Is Your Deck?

It may seem a bit obvious, but the lifespan of your deck may impact when it is time to make the upgrade. The general rule is to recolor your deck every 2-3 years and resurface it every 5-7 years. The longevity of most fiberglass decks is 30+ years with proper maintenance. So if you know the age of your deck, you can easily determine the best route to take. If you don’t, we at OC Fiberglass can provide a free assessment of your current deck and provide you with the best option for your situation.

What’s the Weather Report?

When it comes to any work on your deck, the outside conditions need to be ideal — otherwise, the entire project can be compromised. Since this is often a multi-day process between the actual waterproofing and the sealing to dry, you’re going to want to find a stretch of a few days in a row where you won’t have to worry about any rain. While sunshine is recommended, it is not required — although keeping the temperature between 50-85 degrees is ideal.

Get Ready for Summer

Which time of year are you most likely to get the most use out of your deck? The answer is the summer, and because of this and various other reasons, getting your deck waterproofed just before the summer is highly recommended. Not only will you need your deck waterproofed for wet feet and items after a beach day, but the waterproofing protects your deck from any potential damage from UV rays. These measures will also help limit any water damage that may enter your home, which is a necessity when considering the unpredictability of summer storms down the shore.

How OC Fiberglass Can Help

If your beach home currently has a wood deck that needs to be waterproofed, the ideal solution might be to have it replaced with a fiberglass or polyurea deck from OC FIberglass. It’s easy to install and maintain and will give you more protection and longevity throughout the years. Plus, we offer various restoration and prevention services to make sure that your home’s deck is one that you can enjoy without any worries about its condition.

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