Homes made of natural cedar are unquestionably beautiful, but this type of siding is expensive and needs to be repainted every few years. It’s not surprising, then, that many homeowners choose vinyl siding instead of cedar. But what if we said you could have the affordability of vinyl shingles and the high-end appearance of real wood siding?

You can boost your home’s curb appeal with cedar impressions siding. This siding material mimics the appearance of wood without the high price tag — all while keeping your house well protected from the harsh weather the Jersey Shore can sometimes have. If we’ve piqued your interest in cedar impressions vinyl siding, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this type of siding.

Major Savings

Homeowners are increasingly being drawn to cedar impressions shingle siding to boost their home’s exterior because it is attractive and highly affordable. Vinyl siding is cheaper than wood and is easier to install, meaning you will pay lower labor fees. Additionally, you will not need to have the siding repainted every few years with cedar impressions shingles like you would with real cedar. Overall, what you would pay for cedar impressions siding is almost half of the cost of wood siding.

Minimal Maintenance

One of the best benefits of cedar impression vinyl siding is that it is relatively maintenance-free. It has a beautiful finish that does not need to be repainted, and it is already pest-resistant. All you need to do is wash it at least once a year to remove mildew, mold, and built-up dirt. This easy maintenance provides you additional cost savings throughout the years.

Highly Durable

As a homeowner living on the Jersey Shore, you know how harsh the sun’s rays can be. And we can’t forget the beating our houses take from wind, rain, and hail. This is why we recommend cedar impressions siding for homes on the Jersey Shore. It’s more durable than wood because it’s made of polymer, which means not even hurricane-force winds can damage its appearance or integrity.

Customizable Aesthetic

Even though it is not made of real wood, cedar impressions siding has an unmatched beauty with none of the maintenance issues of real cedar siding options. This type of vinyl siding comes in various colors and styles, so you can create any aesthetic you want — classic and cozy or modern and sophisticated. 

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal with the Best Siding

It’s no surprise that homeowners are choosing cedar vinyl siding over natural wood. You could experience the same cost savings and beautiful home exterior when you install cedar impressions vinyl siding.

If you’re interested in cedar impressions siding installation for your Jersey Shore home, you can trust our team at OC Fiberglass to install the best siding and improve your home’s curb appeal. We also install fiberglass deck flooring and can help you learn everything you need to know about fiberglass maintenance. For more information about our services and to request a free estimate, contact us today!

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