Keeping your fiberglass deck looking great year-round involves maintenance, including weatherproofing it and making sure that it’s protected from the harsh elements, such as the hot summer sun and heavy winter storms. The contractors at OC Fiberglass can help with the installation and care of your fiberglass deck, granting you years of pristine and fully-functional outdoor enjoyment! In fact, with proper maintenance and care, a fiberglass deck can last for 25 to 30 years.

Information on fiberglass deck maintenance year-round

Do Fiberglass Decks Require Special Maintenance?

Since a deck’s topcoat is already weatherproof and UV resistant, fiberglass is an excellent choice for outdoor use. Another advantage of a fiberglass deck is its seamless finish, which requires much less maintenance than a wooden one. For the sake of upkeeping aesthetics, cleaning it requires sweeping with a broom and cleaning up spills with a standard household cleaner (no bleach). For a more intense clean, you may wish to hire a professional to power wash the deck. It’s crucial to hire a professional to avoid damaging or chipping your deck.

However, it is recommended that they get a new gelcoat every 3-7 years based on wear. New gelcoat application is a task best left to home exterior specialists.

Taking Care of Your Fiberglass Deck

Here are a few tips to be wary of to get the most out of your fiberglass deck:

  • Do not drag outdoor furniture on the surface of the deck
  • Do not apply sunscreen or insect repellent while on the deck, as these substances will cause a slight de-coloration
  • Do not use acetone, paint thinner, or ammonia products to clean the deck
  • For spot cleaning, use a few drops of dawn dish soap and warm water with a non-abrasive sponge

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Whether you need a new deck installed or wish to replace an older wooden deck with a fiberglass one, OC Fiberglass is the best choice. We place value on our high-quality materials and outstanding workmanship. Plus, our team can show you the best way to maintain your deck! For more information, reach out to our team today.

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