If you have a deck or balcony attached to your home or commercial property, you know it can be  an awesome way to bring the outdoors indoors. But if you’re by the Jersey Shore, you also  know that our local weather can do a lot of damage. Something simple you can do to help  reduce or even eliminate damage to your deck is giving it a waterproof coating. Read on to learn  the top 5 benefits of waterproofing your deck. 

Provides Protection from the Elements 

Remember that part about the local weather? Even if you don’t have property right on the  beachfront, the sun, sand, saltwater, and ocean mists still impact your deck every day.  Hurricanes can also seriously compromise decks because prolonged periods of rain can cause  water damage. In NJ, we have all of those elements in spades, so it’s common sense to invest  in a waterproofing service. 

Keeps Your Framework Solid 

The most important parts of your deck or balcony are the ones you can’t see: the support  beams, joists, and bolts underneath that make the deck sturdy. Exposure to water can create  mold or mildew, which erodes the structural integrity of your deck. Wooden decks especially are  very vulnerable to water damage, and without waterproofing, it isn’t a matter of if your wooden  deck is damaged by water — it’s when. 

Keeps Your Property Safer 

If your water-damaged and structurally compromised deck is at your home, it is a safety risk for  yourself and your family. If the deck is at your business, you might be posing the same risk for  your customers. Protect your home or your commercial property by making sure your deck is  secure. You don’t want anyone falling off the deck because of a rotted railing or through the  deck because of water-damaged joists underneath a platform. 

Reduces Maintenance 

Even if your deck hasn’t lived through a hurricane (yet), if it’s getting older, it will still need  regular maintenance. An uncoated deck can need all kinds of sanding and repainting services,  not to mention you might have to pay for expensive repairs when the time comes to replace any  support structures or major portions of the deck that have become water-damaged. Saving  money on repair costs is one of the benefits of waterproofing your deck you might not have  thought of, but it will make a big difference over the years.

Makes Your Deck Look Great 

One of the seemingly less important benefits of waterproofing your deck is to improve the  aesthetic quality of your home or business. But consider how much it can improve your property  value to spruce up an older deck. You’ll be able to assure potential renters or buyers that the  deck is safe to enjoy, and it’ll bring a smile to your face to see your home or commercial  property’s deck coatings looking great year after year. 

Considering upgrading from wood? We offer fiberglass deck flooring installation. Already  reaping the rewards of a fiberglass deck? Check out these fiberglass maintenance tips to  ensure your deck is in tip-top shape. 

Contact OC Fiberglass today, and we’ll help you protect your deck before the harsh early and  mid-winter Jersey weather sets in. Your deck should be something you enjoy, not another  maintenance task you have to dread. Let us bring your deck back to its former glory!

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