Siding Contractors With a Purpose

When OC Fiberglass began our business, we made a commitment to offer outstanding customer service and superior craftsmanship. Since then, we have striven to exceed our customers’ expectations, providing an assortment of exterior home improvements and restoration services.

One aspect of our business is the installation and repair of siding. The siding contractors at OC Fiberglass have extensive experience providing high-quality solutions for your home’s siding needs. OC Fiberglass services the following areas in New Jersey:

A housing complex in the middle of construction.

The importance of well-maintained siding becomes especially important when a home is located at the Jersey Shore. The harsh effects of saltwater, beach sand, and ocean mist can do lasting damage to your home’s exterior. One of the first signs of saltwater damage to a house can appear on your siding. Improperly installed or neglected siding can quickly deteriorate in the adverse weather conditions we often experience at the shore. This can turn your beautiful beach house into a neighborhood eyesore.

The siding contractors at OC Fiberglass are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality siding options, like Cedar Impressions siding, for their homes.

Cedar Impressions Siding

Contractors applying cedar impressions siding to a residential home

Some of the finest-looking homes, no matter their location, are adorned with cedar siding—the natural appeal and texture of cedar siding compliments almost any style of home. From a beach house to the Victorian-inspired townhouse, cedar siding remains one of the most sought after home exterior finishes.

At one time, cedar siding was out of reach for many homeowners. The cost of supplies and labor-intensive installation was enough to stop consumers from using it for their houses. Now, with Cedar Impressions siding, the beauty and durability of cedar siding is available to everyone. Cedar Impressions siding is made from a durable polymer designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Waterproof and windproof, Cedar Impressions siding offers homeowners an attractive solution for their home.

Cedar Impressions siding comes with Molder Perimeter Lock that provides a seamless appearance, along with a Patented Thermometer for flawless installation. Offered with a limited lifetime warranty, Cedar Impressions siding is virtually indestructible. The injected molded polymer offers hydrophobic protection against saltwater, beach sand, and the ever-present ocean salt mist.

OC Fiberglass is proud to offer state-of-the-art Cedar Impressions siding to our customers. You can’t go wrong with Cedar Impressions siding, a cost-effective, durable siding option for almost any building.

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Wood Siding Installation and Preservation

OC Fiberglass offers a variety of wood siding services as well. Wood paneling adds charm and personality to any house it adorns. Yet, wood siding requires special attention to maintain its appearance and integrity.

Our siding contractor specialists are very knowledgeable about wood siding installation and restoration. As mentioned, special attention must be paid to wood siding. Under the harsh weather conditions we sometimes experience at the Jersey Shore; wood siding should be weatherproofed every two to five years. OC Fiberglass has the services needed to make certain your wood siding maintains its function and beauty.

House Siding Repair Services

As we’ve already mentioned, OC Fiberglass siding contractors offer a full range of siding repair services to meet your needs. Whether you require waterproofing or extensive repairs, OC Fiberglass has the experience and expertise to get your job done right.

Hardie Siding Availability

OC Fiberglass is also a supplier of Hardie Board Siding. Hardie siding is a durable solution to the needs of homes located near the Jersey Shore. Its fiber cement construction is attractive, hydrophobic, and wind protection for any home that it adorns. To learn more about Hardie Board Siding, contact the siding contractors at OC Fiberglass.

OC Fiberglass truck and trailer parked on the street

The Cost of Home Siding

We realize many consumers may be worried about the cost of exterior panel installation and repair. OC Fiberglass offers quality exterior refinishing at an expense anyone can afford. When you choose OC Fiberglass for your home repairs, you know you are receiving the highest quality work at the most reasonable price.

As the premier source for siding solutions, OC Fiberglass guarantees all of our work. We are experienced builders and service professionals offering quality work to protect your home and improve its appearance. We also provide waterproof deck flooring and deck railing repair services in New Jersey. To learn more about waterproofing you can also visit our “How to Waterproof a Solid Deck” blog. If you live in Ocean City, Avalon, Longport, Stone Harbor, or the surrounding areas, contact the siding contractors at OC Fiberglass.