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Since our company’s inception, OC Fiberglass has striven to find sealing techniques that provide our customers with superior protection for their decks. Through the experiences gained by waterproofing deck floorings throughout the Jersey Shore area, OC Fiberglass now offers the latest in sealing techniques with polyurea deck coatings from the best product manufacturers in the nation.

Waterproofing your deck flooring shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Many contractors will not fully explain the many choices available to a homeowner when they decide to restore their existing deck. There are so many coatings now on the market; consumers often make the wrong choice when repairing a damaged deck. The specialists at OC Fiberglass will thoroughly assess your deck’s condition and carefully explain all of your available options. One such choice will be sealing your deck with a polyurea coating.

Advances in Waterproof Deck Coating

Contractors installing polyurea deck roof

Traditionally, epoxy coatings have been used to waterproof deck floorings and other exterior home components, protecting them from the damage caused by the environment. This is especially important in areas near the Jersey Shore where harmful elements, such as saltwater, beach sand, and ocean mist, can severely compromise your home’s deck.

In recent years, advances in waterproofing technology have led to the development of polyurea. This elastomer not only waterproofs deck flooring but also has the ability to flex without compromising the integrity of the coating. This is achieved through nano-technology that binds to the surface and creates a hydrophobic barrier. This waterproof deck flooring option provides maximum protection against saltwater, beach sand, and all corrosive possibilities that can occur when a home is located near the ocean.

OC Fiberglass also offers a multitude of conventional methods to waterproof deck floorings. We are specialists in epoxy, gelcoating, and resin-based surfacing as well. All of our preservation techniques provide a non-slip surface for you and your family to enjoy. OC Fiberglass provides restoration and waterproof solutions to fit the needs of all of our customers. 

If you are looking for the latest in hydrophobic technology, gelcoating, or resin-based surfacing for a waterproof non-slip deck, the contractors at OC Fiberglass can deliver.

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Protect Your Deck With Polyurea Deck Coatings

Conventional fiberglass composite coatings have been used for years to waterproof deck floorings. For a long time, fiberglass was considered the ideal agent to protect decks from the effects of weather and everyday use. Polyurea is here to improve upon the tried and true waterproofing techniques used in the Jersey Shore from a spray on waterproofing approach.  

OC Fiberglass utilizes polyurea as one of our processes to repair and restore existing decks. The properties of polyurea make it ideal to use for waterproof deck floorings in harsh saltwater environments like those found at beach houses along the Jersey Shore. It also provides a non-slip surface for you and your family to enjoy safely.

Polyurea Waterproofing

Polyurea deck coatings offer unparalleled protection against common corrosive elements such as saltwater, beach sand, and ocean salt mist. Polyurea is a product of two-step polymerization that combines a synthetic resin with isocyanate. The resulting polyurea elastomer provides superior protection for surfaces while also having the ability to flex when put under stress. This creates a non-penetrable hydrophobic barrier that repels moisture and fine particulate matter.

For more information about our preventative waterproofing techniques, check out our How it Works page. There, you will learn about the polyurea application technique.

Polyurea Deck Repair

It is important to consider several factors when making the decision to repair and restore your deck. The extent of damage your existing deck has, the preventative measures you are willing to undertake, and of course, the cost of doing a restoration all play into consideration when deciding on waterproofing your deck flooring.

As previously mentioned, the use of polyurea to waterproof deck flooring offers unique benefits other waterproofing methods can’t provide. In addition to superior hydrophobic properties, polyurea also cures incredibly fast and has a non-slip surface, allowing you to enjoy your deck shortly after the restoration process.

Due to its ability to expand and contract with pressure and temperature changes, polyurea has an incredibly long outdoor lifespan resisting damage. With minimal care, a properly applied polyurea coating will last a decade, even in harsh weather conditions.

Finished polyurea roof on beach house near the ocean

If your dream beach house along the ocean is beginning to look more like a seafood shanty, contact OC Fiberglass. We supply new installation and repair services to the following locations:

One of our contractors will discuss your restoration options and schedule an appointment to evaluate the condition of your deck. OC Fiberglass also offers deck railing repair and are experienced siding contractors. If you own a home in Ocean City, Avalon, Longport, Stone Harbor, or the surrounding regions in New Jersey, contact OC Fiberglass today to repair your deck flooring.