An Introduction to the Professional Deck Waterproofing Process

The addition of a deck to any home is a perfect investment. It can add value to the house and provides an outdoor escape for you and your loved ones. Yet, without the proper maintenance and preventative measures to ensure longevity, a deck can become an eyesore and, worse, a safety hazard.

OC Fiberglass is an established contractor specializing in deck waterproofing and repair services in Ocean City, Avalon, Longport, Stone Harbor, and the surrounding regions at the Jersey Shore. We provide a wide range of services to waterproof and extend the lifespan of your outdoor deck and home exterior. The contractors at OC Fiberglass offer New Jersey residents superior customer service combined with high-quality craftsmanship. Our staff are experts at the waterproof coating process for decks to ensure your patio or porch is protected against harsh elements like saltwater, sand from the beach, and ocean salt mist.

OC Fiberglass contractors getting ready to apply resin to deck

The Process of Deck Waterproof Coating

Contractors sanding a deck before applying a waterproof coating

Knowing how to apply a waterproof barrier as a preventative measure against corrosion and decay can not be understated. Too often, the contractors at OC Fiberglass have been called out to do an estimate only to find a deck that has not been maintained and is severely damaged. To prevent costly repairs in the future, it is vital that a homeowner make sure that their deck has undergone the correct waterproofing process. Even if a hydrophobic coating has been added, if not properly applied, the layer will not be able to protect your deck from saltwater and ocean mist. Without adequate protection against the elements, your deck will soon fall victim to the corrosive effects of salt.

The deck coating process should be undertaken after an area has been thoroughly prepared and cleaned. These steps should be followed prior to the application of a waterproof coating:

Once these preparations have been completed, the deck is now ready for the coating process. 

The deck waterproofing process can be complicated. Here we will explain some of the basic steps on how OC Fiberglass will waterproof your deck and create a hydrophobic barrier of protection.

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The Proper Process to Waterproof a Deck

Now the deck is ready for the application of a waterproof coating. The waterproofing process for all decks includes the application of a sealer.

Finding the correct sealer is vital to the long-term integrity of your deck. If you own a beach house or your home is near the ocean, a waterproof coating will offer the best protection against the weathering effects of shore life.

The deck sealing process may seem intimidating, but with OC Fiberglass performing the work, proper care and attention will be paid to the application process. The lifespan of your outdoor escape will be extended by our proven waterproofing technique.

OC Fiberglass is a leading provider of deck restoration and repair services in the Jersey Shore area. We are proud to service the following towns and cities in New Jersey:

A deck in the process of being installed.

If your deck needs repair, give us a call. One of our staff will be happy to take your information and explain our waterproof deck flooring options. If your beach house looks more like a beach bum’s house, it’s time to contact OC Fiberglass.